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Updated: March 31, 2022

Will Virginia Tech require a booster for the COVID vaccine?

While not required, Virginia Tech students and employees are encouraged to be vaccinated, get a booster dose, and to report their vaccination status to the university. Vaccines remain our best protection against COVID-19.

Federal regulations may still require students who work in specific settings to be vaccinated, receive the booster when eligible, and upload their health information.

Why is Virginia Tech reversing its requirement on the COVID-19 vaccine for students?

On Jan. 28, 2022, Virginia's attorney general issued a legal opinion concerning vaccine requirements that reverses the preceding attorney general’s opinion upon which our vaccine policy was based. Consequently, Virginia Tech no longer requires students to be vaccinated as a condition of enrollment or in-person instruction.

How do I let Virginia Tech know I have been vaccinated for COVID-19?

Students can upload a photo of their COVID-19 vaccination card to the Schiffert Online Health Portal.

I submitted my immunization records through the Online Health Portal. How can I view my status?

Students can check their status on the Online Health Portal-> Immunizations -> View History. At the top of the View History page, it will say "Verified" for accepted records. 

I lost my COVID-19 vaccine card. What should I do?

Anyone who was vaccinated in Virginia can request a copy of their record from the Virginia Department of Health by visiting this page. If someone was vaccinated in another state, they can find the contact information for their state’s Immunization Information System here.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about registering my COVID-19 vaccine information?

Students should contact Schiffert Health Center at 540-231-6444.

What if I cannot be vaccinated?

Anyone who has not been vaccinated is expected to continue to wear a mask and follow the physical-distancing recommendations to protect the community from potential exposure to COVID-19. 

For information on voluntary testing at Virginia Tech, visit the Testing page.

Will staff and faculty be required to be vaccinated and to receive a booster for COVID-19?

No. While not required, Virginia Tech employees are encouraged to be vaccinated, receive a booster dose, and to report their vaccination status to the university.

If I am not vaccinated, can I participate in events and student activities?

Following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health, unvaccinated students should wear masks indoors and practice physical distancing protocols.

FAQs for international students

Is it safe for me to receive a second vaccine if I have already received a vaccine that is not authorized by the FDA or WHO?

Contact Schiffert at 540-231-6444 if you have health questions about receiving two different vaccines.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

  • For medical questions only, please contact Schiffert Health Center at 540-231-6444.  
  • For any non-medical questions or questions about the fall semester, the Dean of Students office is available to help students at 540-231-3787.  
  • For international students, please refer to communications from Cranwell International Center for additional details and information. Call the center at 540-231-6527 or email at 
  • Graduate students can contact the Virginia Tech Graduate School at 540-231-6691.
  • Employees should contact their manager, HR partner, or Human Resources at or 540-231-9331.