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What do I need to know about face coverings and masks?

Everyone on our campuses (faculty, staff, students, visitors, and others) is required to wear a face covering or mask in the following indoor and outdoor settings. 


Wear a face covering or mask, unless in a secluded location such as a personal office space with the door closed or a residence hall room. 

Exceptions* to this requirement include the following:

  • Medical condition
  • Speaking with those who are hard of hearing
  • Instructors lecturing in situations where wearing a mask would make them inaudible

*In these instances, a face shield must be worn. Employees who are unable to wear a face covering or face shield should be referred to the university’s ADA and Accessibility Services office.  


Wear a face covering or mask when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

For further information on face coverings and masks for students, employees, instructors, and researchers, and about departments ordering face coverings, visit our health page.

How is Virginia Tech keeping me safe at work?

Virginia Tech is working hard to ensure the safety of our campus for all members of our community. For information specific to employees, review this guide which covers what Virginia Tech is doing as well as what you can do to help ensure a safe workplace for everyone. 

What happens if I become ill or contract COVID-19?

Employees who feel ill should notify their manager and not report to work. If you are already at work and begin feeling sick, you should notify your manager and go home immediately. If an employee who is teleworking and has a fever and/or is sick, use the appropriate leave time to get well. Visit the leave page on the Human Resources site. For additional information on what to do if you or someone in your household feels sick, visit the Health Resources page on this site.

Employees are required to notify their supervisor if they must miss work due to illness, or are asked to self-quarantine by the VDH, so that work schedules and leave can be determined. Employees should report all close contacts to VDH. Employees should also report known university contacts and work locations to the Case Management Team to assist the team in determining if there are any additional actions needed by the university. Return to work dates will be determined by the supervisor, employee, and Human Resources, based on guidance from the VDH.

Who can I talk to if this situation makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Disease outbreaks such as the current coronavirus pandemic can bring stress and increased levels of fear and anxiety. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. 

As always, if you are experiencing a crisis or medical emergency, dial 911.

Following are university, state, and other resources available to assist employees should they need emotional support during this difficult time.


Can A/P faculty and staff work remotely?

The university supports remote work when appropriate. Salaried A/P faculty and staff should work with their department heads and managers on remote work options and complete a remote work agreement. 

Human Resources has created a page that contains information on telework and remote work for employees and leaders. Included on this page are tools to help employees and leaders determine if and when telework is possible for a role and an employee. 

Should remote work not be an option for a specific role, employees and supervisors should discuss other options such as flexible scheduling. 

I have been working from home. Am I able to continue doing that?

Virginia Tech supports the use of appropriate flexible and alternative work options for employees where remote work or telework is not an option. If an employee has been teleworking and would like to continue to do so, that option should be discussed with their leader. Human Resources has created a page that contains information on telework and remote work for employees and leaders. Included on this page are tools to help employees and leaders determine if and when telework is possible for a role and an employee. 

Should remote work not be an option for a specific role, employees and supervisors should discuss other options such as flexible scheduling. 

If I work via telework, am I not allowed to go to my office?

Employees who are working via telework may go to the office should the need arise. If employees need to visit their office to use equipment, gather work-related materials, or perform intermittent activities, they may do so, while following workplace guidelines.

Do I need to complete a telework agreement?

After discussing telework as an option with your supervisor and if the telework request is approved, A/P faculty and staff should complete a telework agreement. Review the Telework and Remote Work Suitability Guide for information on completing a telework agreement.

It is an accepted practice for Teaching and Research faculty (T/R faculty) to carry out their work with varied schedules on campus and at alternate locations, therefore a formal telework agreement will not be required for T/R faculty unless the normal work assignment is consistently at an alternate location (i.e. not the standard assigned office).


If my work location is not in Blacksburg, where can I get information that applies to my situation?

The main COVID-19 university website is where all university information will be posted and will include our locations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. If there are instructions specific to various regions we will highlight them on the website and in the FAQs. For immediate needs, employees at locations in the greater Washington, D.C. area and in Roanoke should contact their department/unit heads directly. For those at Virginia Cooperative Extension sites throughout the commonwealth, contact Dan Goerlich, associate director for Virginia Cooperative Extension, at; 540-231-7610.

My work location is not in Blacksburg, does the university plan include extended campus locations?

Yes. We will use the main COVID-19 university website as the mechanism for communicating decisions that impact our distributed locations as well as the main campus.  Unless there is specific direction for your region, you should apply the policy and practice guidance provided for all university employees and locations.

Support for teleworking in northern Virginia

The university's Division of IT has assembled a great checklist for working remotely for all locations.

For Windows laptops using NCR accounts, we've recently enabled DirectAccess, a feature that allows you to access Arlington and Alexandria resources from off-site. If Jurgens or Idiris was able to test and validate your laptop, it should automatically connect to our servers, map network drives, and other resources without the need of the VPN.  For both macOS and Windows systems, the university Junos Pulse VPN is included in our default configuration of mobile technology. If you need assistance using the VPN, please contact us.

As a reminder, please engage with your leadership regarding any potential transition to remote work.

NVGC (Arlington) TLOS team will provide training and technical support for all center courses. Contact with any questions or concerns.

Can I access my building in the Greater Washington, D.C., metro area?

Campus and offices are open for essential academic/facility support operations only. Sites in Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church are on restricted access and limited to faculty, staff, and graduate assistants who have been issued a key fob. The Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center located in the Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington is open and able to support meetings and events. All requests for support must be submitted a minimum of three business days in advance. Requests should be sent to

For more information please contact: